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frThe FTSG’ssystem offers heavy users of fuel immediate and significant savings with little or no capital or operating cost. FTSGI guarantees a minimum of 10% net reduction in fuel costs, considerably more possible depending on the type of fuel used, specific conditions at the facility and how many of our various solutions are employed.

In addition to the savings that our clients enjoy, FTSGI’s clients save on expensive pollution control systems that are increasingly being required by continually tightening emissions and particulate standards, as well as lower maintenance costs on machinery due to higher efficiency and cleaner combustion when using our technologies.

1. Each client installation is designed as a separate project and is undertaken based on a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA). The projects are scaled to each client’s fuel requirements.

2.Each project is based on a client commitment to purchase the throughput services associated with specified quantities of Fuelprocessed or energy provided over a fixed time period, typically five years, minimum three. The agreement is renewable at the defined fees.

Virtually all capital costs, operating costs and consumable costs are borne by FTSGI. FTSGI maintains ownership of the equipment.

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