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They are two of the key issues of our time, Energy and Environment and the balance between them, We all need Energy to live, that is a fact, there are over 7 Billion People in the world and based on projections we will reach 8 illion by 2030, People in emerging nations like India China and Africa all want to improve their quality of life, this takes more energy, nobody is unaffected, the decision we make will affect not just our lives but that of future enerations, the question then is how do we maintain the balance between the need for energy and at the same time not harming the environment?.

Fuel Technology Solutions Group has found the answer to these problems, by using one or more of our disruptive technologies we can significantly reduce the cost of energy and bring emissions to new low levels. If you are a marine shipping company – we help you reach ECA2015 targets with HFO without scrubbing or expensive investments; If you are a utility power producer – we help you make your equipment more efficient while lowering your environmental footprint; If you are a refinery we can upgrade your fuel, not only will we remove your sulfur, but we will upgrade the API of your product to allow you to significantly get more of the valuable product from your crude; If you are a mining company – we help you increase your fuel supply in remote locations without complicated logistics; If you are a fleet vehicle owner or operator – we improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency while making your vehicles cleaner and quieter; Through our innovative technologies, we provide the services and relationships that allow our customers to go green and save money at the same time.

Core Technologies:
Our core technologies includes (but not limited to) are listed below
1. Desulfurization of Fuel
2. Denitrogenation
3. De-Metallization
4. Fuel Cracking
5. Acid Removal from fuel
6. Fuel Refining
7. Mini Refinery
8. Crude Distillation
9. Fuel Emulsification process at Atomic level
10. Fuel Upgrading
11. Fuel Reformation
12. Hydrogenated Fuel
13. Water Purification
14. Water Desalination
15. Plasma Fuel Atomizer (Internal Combustion Engines)

We at Fuel Technology Solutions Group are driven by our customers, we have a deep understanding of the problems that they want to solve, and we have the expertise and the technology to solve them.

We are constantly looking for new solutions, we are living in exciting times; solutions that were once thought to be impossible are now possible. We are at the forefront of many such solutions.

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