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About Fuel Technology Solutions Group

Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc. (FTSGI or the Company) is formed as a Delaware “C” Corporation, The Group was formed exclusively for the purpose of Identifying, developing and implementing Cutting Edge technologies, especially as it relates to Energy savings, we believe that by using our state of the art nanotechnology solutions in our different areas of expertise any customer will be able to achieve optimum efficiencies.

Our core mission is to provide affordable, reliable, increasingly clean fuel and energy — in safe and sustainable ways — doing business in a way that’s good for people, the planet and profits.

Our customers turn to FTSGI for our expertise when the challenge is making their system more energy efficient or enhancing an existing product, improving process efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. Our goal is to leverage FTSGI’s research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value through new, improved process and innovative ways to reduce costs.

Our mission is to extend the latest advances in fuel technology to companies consuming significant amounts of fuel throughout the world. These advances serve both our stakeholders (investors, management, employees and clients) and the general public in that they reduce the costs of using all grades of fuel oil without significant capital investment, while aiding efforts to improve the environment, especially air quality, by drastically reducing toxic emissions from machinery using that fuel. That reduction includes removing more than 90% of exhaust particulates – named by the World Health Organization in June 2012 as a cause of cancer.

Our Goal: To be a leading global provider of technical services that better enable our clients to operate safely, reliably, efficiently, and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. We are focused on adding value to the industries we serve. To further develop and exploit new and emerging technologies for the benefit of our customer, our Investors and the public at large.

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