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Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc. (FTSGI or the Company) is formed as a Delaware “C” Corporation, The Group was formed exclusively for the purpose of Identifying, developing and implementing Cutting Edge technologies, especially as it relates to Energy savings, we believe that by using our state of the art nanotechnology solutions in our different areas of expertise any customer will be able to achieve optimum efficiencies.Our core mission is to provide affordable, reliable, increasingly clean fuel and energy — in safe and sustainable ways — doing business in a way that’s good for people, the planet and profits.

Our customers turn to FTSGI for our expertise when the challenge is making their system more energy efficient or enhancing an existing product, improving process efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. Our goal is to leverage FTSGI’s research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value...

Our Core Mission

  • Capabilities

    FTSGI has unsurpassed breadth and depth of technical expertise and resources Our global team includes more than 35 research, development, applicati...

  • Competitive

    Our Group represents some of the most advanced technologies available, we realize that to maintain that edge we must be vigilant, to that end our R&D ...

  • Environment

    Emissions and pollution control standards are growing more restrictive all around the world, and there is no reversing its progress. Our technologies ...

Company News & Events

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    FTSG Partners with Comtec Nano S.A. de CV.
    Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc. and Comtec Nano S.A. de CV has entered into a Joint Venture agreement. Under the a...

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    FTSG Partners with Nano Combustible S.A. de CV.
    Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc. and Nano Combustible S.A. de CV has entered into a Joint Venture agreement. Under ...


    Fuel Technology Solutions Group provides a range of technical solutions to today’s fuel, energy and environmental issues. We work with a variety of industries to include oil refineries, power generation, mining, land and marine shipping, Oil and Gas offshore and onshore. Any large users of fuel or energy can benefit from the services that we provide. We deliver real solutions worldwide to today’s real problems.

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    Fuel Technology 1

    Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc. Info@ftsgi.com brings emissions reduction and fuel efficiency to practical application. The business operates through technically focused independent companies: involved in Research and devel...

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    Fuel Technology 2

    Fuel Upgrading Inc. : www.fuelupgrading.com which is engaged in fuel desulfurization, acid removal from fuel, De-Metallization, denitrogenation of fuel, Fuel Upgrading, Mini Refineries and fuel refining process improvement....

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    Fuel Technology 3

    Fuel Reformation Inc.: www.fuelreformation.com which is focused on fuel emulsification, hydrogen enhancement, Hydrogenated Fuel, Power Generation and other performance emissions improvement methodology....

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